PSG was founded on the basis of providing the wireless infrastructure industry with engineering services and products that meet or exceed the customer's requirements while ensuring that all applicable codes are met. All PSG employees strive to produce work that is:

Based on sound engineering principles
Delivered within the schedule requirements
Accurate and cost effective
Designed for constructability; and
Completed right the First Time!!!

Our philosophy:

"PSG must deliver quality services at competitive prices. All of PSG's work product will be designed cost effectively and with construction ease in mind. We will continually strive to support this work product through professional and individualized customer service."

As a privately owned and operated business, we value each and every customer and view each product that leaves the offices of PSG as a direct reflection on us. My reputation and the reputation of PSG and its employees depends on delivering, to our customers, the highest quality products that we can produce. Thank you for your time and consideration of PSG Engineering, LTD.

President : Oscar Pedraza, P.E.

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